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Azos Launches Flagship ProductGetMeNow™

Azos’ patented technology puts protection in the hands of consumers

with the introduction of person-to-person emergency communication.


Washington D.C. (February 6, 2006) -- GetMeNow™, patented technology from Azos AI, LLC (Azos), will be featured at Demo 2006.  GetMeNow™ transforms wireless devices into “smart” lifelinks that uniquely process emergency communication.  In today’s uncertain world, consumers need access to distinct, prioritized emergency communication to be ready for personal emergencies, natural disasters, terrorism, and random acts of violence


GetMeNow™ enables critical person-to-person emergency communication for organizations and individuals.  It intelligently distiquishes an emergency call from a non-emergency call, instantly alerting call recipients when precious seconds count.  With GetMeNow™, incoming calls will no longer be treated the same.  For example, parents will instantly receive an emergency call from a child in crisis.  Or upon the occurrence of an incidence, employees can receive immediate emergency communication from their company.


A special GetMeNow™ feature, e-MODE™, lets consumers quickly and easily block non emergency incoming calls with a simple touch of a button, allowing reception of only emergency communication—consumers can stay in touch, but not within reach of everyone. Another GetMeNow™ feature allows the user to block regular and/or emergency communication from select parties.


Azos’ patented technology can be integrated into all types of personal communication devices.  Our real-time, embedded technology leverages artificial intelligence to uniquely manage incoming communication, transforming wireless devices into user-controlled "smart" receivers.   


About Azos

Azos AI, LLC., develops innovative personal intelligence technologies.  Azos is pursuing licensing opportunities with device manufacturers and service providers. Early adopters seeking a differentiator that fulfills critical consumer needs can realize a competitive advantage for enhanced service opportunities.  Our goal is to put protection in the hands of consumers.  For more info visit