Azos AI's New "Self-Aware" Data Type Brings a

New Level of Protection against Data Theft

June 26, 2013 - 8:15 AM EST

HAYMARKET, Va. , June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Azos AI, LLC, an innovator in the IT industry, today announced the availability of their CogDat(R) or cognitive data capability to early adopters interested in stopping data theft. CogDat creates the first-ever intelligent, "self-aware" data that can "sense" its situation and autonomously take actions for self-protection – including self-destruction.

CogDat is radically different from other solutions that are primarily external to the data.  This unique data type embeds self-protection and intelligence inside the data itself, ushering in a whole new dimension in data security and pioneering data comprehending its situation. 

Receive an alert from your data even after it is stolen!  If CogDat data detects it has been stolen, it can autonomously harvest information about its current environment and send it back to a designated authority and then self-destruct.  Simply save your sensitive data as a CogDat data type to leverage the power of this next generation in data security.

More than protection of sensitive data " at rest" and " in motion"—CogDat also offers vital protection for your data while " in-use".  Once decrypted into plain text, sensitive data can be stolen by undetected security breaches. To address this, CogDat dynamically controls computer processes while sensitive data is exposed.  This added protection can thwart undetected cyber threats and mitigate the risk of data theft while it is being used.  Processes are automatically released once the sensitive content is re-secured.

Know who has your data and what they have done.  For enterprises, rapid detection of insider and outsider threats can be accomplished using the situational awareness dashboard and visualization tool suite.  File auditing, traceability features, and alert information received from your data enable quick drill-down forensic analyses for this data-centric capability.

"With data still being stolen, networks still being breached, and architectures moving to virtual solutions, enabling your sensitive data to self-destruct when it finds itself in an unknown environment stands to be a game-changer for data security", said Shelia Burgess, CEO and President of Azos.

Uniquely leveraging the embedded intelligence of this disruptive innovation can enable advancements in data discovery, Big Data, and "trust" in Cloud and enterprise environments.  

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